As the Intermountain West’s first medical spa, the treatments and products we offer at Saltz Spa Vitoria all align with a holistic approach to our patients’ needs before and after surgery. Our staff consists of massage therapists and master aestheticians who offer a variety of traditional, alternative, and signature treatments that will cleanse, relax, and rejuvenate the skin…and your soul.

Saltz Spa Vitoria features these products:

  • Arcona
  • Elta MD
  • Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics
  • Latisse
  • Mybody
  • Nia24
  • Skin Medica
  • Revision
  • Clarisonic

Specialty medical and advanced skin care treatments

Botox injections

This simple, non-invasive cosmetic treatment addresses lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows, and the crow’s feet around the eyes. Botox is also effective on excessive perspiration. $12.00 per unit.

Lip augmentation & wrinkle fillers

Restore fullness and volume to the skin with injectable fillers. Fillers also can plump and define your cheeks, lips and fill adjacent smile lines.
$550.00 – $850.00 per syringe.


Thermage is clinically proven to tighten and gently lift the skin. It is great for smoothing facial lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenating facial contour without surgery. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Clear + Brilliant

Bring back the smoothness and luminosity of your skin and restore its youthful glow. Clear + Brilliant is a unique approach to skin care that eliminates unwanted signs of aging. $300.00 per session, packages available.


IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, addresses facial imperfections such as benign brown pigments, broken capillaries, birthmarks, and age spots. It is a safe procedure with effective results. $300 per session, packages available.


CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment that eliminates fat cells under the skin by freezing them, without harming surrounding tissue. Reduces fat by 20 to 25%. Packages available. Call for a complimentary consultation.

Laser hair removal

Permanently eliminate unwanted hair on any part of the body through laser hair removal. A series of treatments is necessary for permanent hair removal. Purchase a package of 8 or more = 10% savings. Call for a complimentary consultation.

Abdomen $60
Chin, Lip or Sideburns $50
Full Arm & Forearm $160
Cheeks or Forehead $50
Half Arm $115
Full Face $120
Back or Chest $215
Nose $60
Bikini Line $90
Full Leg $260
Custom Bikini $100+
Full Leg w/ Bikini Line $350
Woman’s Brazillian Bikini $325
Half Leg $150
Buttocks $115
Half Leg w/ Bikini Line $225
Neck $80
Underarms $75




This skin resurfacing procedure removes the dull, dry skin on the outermost layer, leaving the face youthful and vibrant. A great alternative to deep chemical peels and laser treatments. There is no downtime.

Face $95
Face/Neck $130
Face/Neck/Decollete $150
Hands $50
Add to any facial $50


This treatment effectively exfoliates the skin using a specifically designed surgical tool to remove the outermost layer of the skin, leaving a vibrant, refined appearance. Suitable for all skin tones and for all ages. $99.00


Pearl Fractional Therapy

Resurfacing the skin is possible with just a single treatment. Pearl Fractional Therapy utilizes a unique laser wavelength to deeply penetrate into the layers of the skin to initiate a rejuvenation process that targets aging skin and its unwanted effects. The treatment particularly benefits patients with light to medium skin complexions. Improvement is visible in one week, with optimal results fully realized in one to three months.

Laser Genesis

Reveal your inner beauty through laser genesis, which is scientifically proven to trigger the production of new collagen. It is used for the treatment of facial scars, redness, and fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Safely and gently treats and diffuses redness
  • Fades acne scarring
  • Stimulates new collagen production
  • Naturally promotes a healthy look

ND:YAG / Limelight Facial

Treat your skin redness, tiny veins, brown spots and sun damage with minimal discomfort.

Laser Vein Therapy

Safely and effectively treat both tiny superficial face veins and deeper blue leg veins on men and women of all skin tones.

Chemical peels

Illuminize Peel by Skin Medica

A light peel for fine lines, wrinkles, and photo-damaged skin. $125.00 per treatment, packages available.

Vitalize Peel by Skin Medica

A medium peel that addresses problems with skin pigmentation, tone, and texture. $145.00 per treatment, packages available.

Rejuvenize Peel by Skin Medica

The deepest peel suitable for all skin types with moderate to severe skin problems. $185.00 per treatment, packages available.

Mybody Probiotic Anti-Aging Treatment

A volumizing facial treatment that utilizes topical probiotic bioactives to bring out the youthful glow in the skin. Effective on thinning, photodamaged, and problematic skin. $125.00

Pumpkin Peel

Natural pumpkin and fruit acid rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin, decreasing oxidative and free radical stress. $65.00

PCA Esthetique Hydrating Peel

This light chemical peel keeps the skin moist and well-hydrated, while improving skin texture and clarity. $50.00

PCA Sensi Peel

Intended for people with extremely sensitive skin, reduces inflammation and redness caused by rosacea. $90.00

PCA Exfoliating Peel

Light to medium peel effectively cleanses, exfoliates dead skin cells, and inhibits pigment production. Also minimizes breakouts, controls oil production, and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. $90.00

PCA Body Peel

Highly recommended for treatment of skin problems on the arms, legs, chest, back, hands, and feet — this peel softens and hydrates the skin’s surface.  Call for a complimentary consultation, and pricing.

Skin care and facials

Arcona Facial

Experience the most complete and personalized deep pore cleansing. 50 minutes, $95.00; Arcona Extended Facial, $130.00.

Vital-Intense Anti-Wrinkle Facial

Utilizing subtle alpha hydroxy acids, this facial counteracts the signs of fatigue, wrinkles, and fine lines, and encourages skin rejuvenation. 50 minutes, $110.00

Deep Firming & Lifting Facial

Counter the effects of skin aging with this anti-aging facial palette, which improves skin tone and facial definition. $110.00

Beleza D’Agua

Treat your skin to a bath with the healthiest, most refreshing botanical ingredients — a re-hydrating masterpiece. 30 minutes, $55.00

Fruit Modulant Mask

Complement any facial or treatment. $10 add-on

Arcona Men’s Facial

Specially created for men, this will leave his skin healthier, clearer, and more hydrated. 50 minutes, $95.00

Spa Vitoria Back Treatment

An ideal treatment for problematic back skin, our back treatment exfoliates, cleanses, tones, and hydrates. 50 minutes, $110.00

PCA Acne Treatment

Revitalizes dull complexions and improves acne and breakout-prone skin. $65.00

PCA Deep Pore Treatment (Teen Facial)

Clear out clogged, congested pores with this extraction-focused treatment. $40.00

Tinting Services

Our lash and brow tinting services enhance your features and let you skip your daily makeup routine.

Lash Tint $25.00
Brow Tint $20.00
Lash & Brow Tint $40.00


Eyebrow Design $25.00
Eyebrow Upkeep $15.00
Eyebrow Tweezing $20.00
Full Leg $65.00
Half Leg $45.00
Full Leg & Bikini $75.00
Half Leg & Bikini $60.00
Bikini Line $25.00
Custom Bikini $40.00
Brazilian Bikini $55.00
Underarms $20.00
Full Arm $30.00
Full Face $35.00
Lip, Chin, or Sideburns $15.00





Makeup Application

Utilize the expertise of our qualified staff for tips on color matching and its application to enhance your facial features, featuring all-mineral makeup from Jane Iredale Cosmetics.

Medical body therapies and massage

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Recommended for patients in pre- and post-operative periods, seeking detoxification, or retaining water, this treatment uses light finger pressure to expel excess fluids, improving the body’s immune system. Full Body, $120.00; Regional, $90.00

Saltz Spa Vitoria Integrative Massage

A relaxing full body massage individualized to meet your specific preferences. 50 minutes, $80.00; 80 minutes, $110.00

Raindrop Massage

Using the Raindrop Technique, you will feel the gentle yet intense therapeutic feeling brought by touch and 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils that contain effective anti-microbial properties. 50 minutes, $120.00; add a 30-minute massage for $35.00

Deep Muscle Sports Massage

A therapeutic massage that penetrates deep into the muscles to address spasms, extreme muscle tension, and overuse. 50 minutes, $80.00; 80 minutes, $110.00

Warm Stone Massage

Perfect for patients recovering from certain injuries that involve long periods of immobility. 80 minutes, $100.00

Motherhood Massage

For mothers-to-be, a nurturing and relaxing experience. 50 minutes, $80.00


A unique foot massage therapy that utilizes deep finger pressure on specific points in the foot, stimulating the corresponding areas in the body to eliminate energy blockage that is thought to produce pain. 50 minutes, $50.00

Spa etiquette

We would like to make your visit with us a pleasurable experience. To ensure that your experience is the fullest, we ask that you observe the following guidelines.

  • Please turn cell phones off.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment. If you are late, the time may be deducted from your treatment so that the next client is not delayed.
  • To ensure you get an appointment with whom and when you want, we recommend you schedule your next treatment prior to leaving the spa. If you feel you would be more comfortable or better served by another staff member, please let us know.
  • To avoid being charged for your appointment, we request a minimum 24-hour notice on cancellations for any single service; 48-hour notice is required for any multiple service or spa package cancellation. Special requirements may apply for group bookings. A full service will be charged on any late cancellations or no-show appointments. We cannot guarantee appointments for late arrivals.
  • Tipping is always left to the discretion of our clients. Unless noted, gift certificates for spa packages do not include gratuities.
  • Children are welcome in the spa only when they have an appointment. Please, no infants, toddlers, or pets, as we wish to preserve our relaxing atmosphere and allow the most satisfying experience for you and our other guests.
  • Our spa therapists are sensitive to your privacy and modesty concerns. Please keep in mind that our therapists are professionals operating under a prescribed code of conduct. We request that you disclose any medical conditions and/or prescription medications you are taking, as some services may be contraindicated. In keeping with our commitment to cleanliness, safety, and hygiene we sterilize and sanitize equipment for all services and treatments.

We accept:

All major credit cards, Care Credit, cash, and Spa Finder Gift Certificates. Saltz Spa Vitoria Gift Cards are available in any denomination.


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