Tracee Lolofie


Tracee Lolofie Business Administrator

After working at the University of Utah for 13 years, Tracee decided to leave the U and spend time raising her kids, enjoying their youth. In 2003 when Tracee was PTA President of her children’s elementary school she was asked by her friend, Dr. Saltz to work part-time in his new private practice. She began working one afternoon per week, which eventually led to her full-time employment at Saltz Plastic Surgery & Saltz Spa Vitoria.

While Tracee enjoys managing the practice, the favorite part of her job is meeting and interacting with new and existing patients.

Tracee also helps coordinate and manage the American-Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting, which is held in Park City, Utah every other year. Tracee was born and raised in Holladay, Utah and loves working and living in the area she has always called home.



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