What is Rosacea?

shutterstock_200242505Rosacea is a very common. Many people suffer from rosacea and don’t even realize it.  Rosacea’s symptoms are similar to sunburns and allergic reactions and for this reason are often confused for other conditions.

The symptoms of rosacea include persistent facial redness that is stimulated by environmental triggers and spreads with each outbreak. Rosacea may also cause your skin to have a rough texture and even visible blood vessels. The good news is that rosacea is mostly inconvenient and not a medically concerning condition.

Rosacea is often triggered by environmental factors such as stress, excessive sun exposure, consumption of spicy foods or hot beverages, exercise and overexertion. There isn’t’ a cure for the disease but it can be improved with the use of dermatological treatments such as topical skin care products, laser resurfacing, and facials.

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