Discover the Benefits of Integrative Massage Therapy


wellness-285587_1280Integrative massage therapy combines massage with somatic therapy and bodywork.  This unique treatment can help alleviate stress through the use of touch therapy, reflective listening and energy work.  Unlike your standard massage, integrative massage therapy allows you to take an active role in your treatment.  Touch plays an important role in this service, as touch is vital for the proper release of energy and healing.

One size does not fit all when it comes to massage therapy. Therefore, by using multiple techniques for each individual problem of the body, integrative massage can help each client individually, leading to the greatest chance for success.

Integrative massage may be beneficial for clients that suffer from migraines, lower back pain or other body pain. However – integrative massage is not a cure for any condition or disease.

Part of the first session will involve you discussing the goals for your treatment and how often you would like to receive massage. From here, our exception massage therapist will develop a therapy plan to meet your unique needs.

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