Pearl Fractional Therapy Just in Time for Summer!

As summer approaches many of our patients are planning vacations, time outdoors and other events that show a little more skin. If you’re preparing for one of these events, don’t hide your skin behind bulky clothes because of dark spots or age.

Pearl Fractional TherapyThere are many products on the market that can even your skin’s color, tone and texture. However, some patients are turned away from these products because of the several treatments required. Maybe you don’t have time before vacation for 2-3 sessions. If this sounds familiar – rest assured that resurfacing the skin is possible with just one treatment.

Pearl Fractional Therapy utilizes a unique laser wavelength to deeply penetrate into the layers of the skin to initiate a rejuvenation process that targets aging skin and its unwanted effects. The treatment particularly benefits patients with light to medium skin complexion and have skin imperfections from sun damage and aging.

Improvement is visible in one week, with optimal result fully realized in one to three months. Perfect for summer!

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