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Models - 67If you are feeling sluggish, moody or generally in poor health and are seeking an innovative treatment for the improvement of your overall health, perhaps you should consider Vitamin Bar treatment today.

Dr. Renato Saltz and the staff at Spa Vitoria are proud to offer Vitamin Bar treatment to adult patients who suffer from mood swings, low energy, lost immune function, poor sleep habits, and moodiness. Additionally, variations of the Vitamin Bar “cocktail” can treat conditions such as altitude sickness, hangovers, headaches, and dehydration.

The Vitamin Bar provides vitamin therapy, intravenously, and should only be used under the supervision of a physician. 
Typical infusions include the use of magnesium, calcium, vitamins B12, B6, B5, and C, folic acid and biotin. By obtaining vitamin therapy through an IV, patients avoid side effects such as nausea, vomiting and digestive discomfort.

If you are ready to improve your overall health, with a natural, vitamin-rich treatment, contact Dr. Renato Saltz at Spa Vitoria for more information about Vitamin Bar treatment today.

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